Holistic Bookkeepers for your "Small"
(but perfectly formed*) Business

*we also love the ones that are a little rough around the edges!

Small is defined on gov.uk as having under 50 staff, with a turnover or balance sheet total of under €10m

Will you be our next success story?

We work closely with those business owners who want to keep more of their money for their family's future, stress less over the details and the economy, be able to sleep at night without worrying about tax bills and deadlines, and enable growth and scale, should they wish it by offering a bespoke accounting package that fulfils their needs.

The complete answer to recession proofing your business

Unsure of what you're doing?

Need to get some time back to run and grow your business?

Haven't done any bookkeeping in a while?

Worrying about how the current economic situation and possible recession will affect you and your business?


We will take away the stress and help you understand where and how to hold onto your hard earned cash, offer advice on how to recession proof your business, and give you back your peace of mind!

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What makes us special/puts us above the rest?

Why Parks Bookkeeping Services?

Having seen our parents lose their business (and our family home), as well as having to suffer bankruptcy during the 1990 recession, Ian and I are both extremely passionate about helping small business owners achieve their goals, provide for their families and make sure that they are in the best position they can be in order to pay their taxes on time and weather any future storm by recession proofing their business.

Think of us as your safety net. We will always respect your ideals, offer help and assistance where we can and make sure that your life and work are both stress free.

Kim Parks, Senior Partner

Some of our partners

Why our clients love us!

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